We praise God for enabling us to be a blessing to you through this website. The ministries here in Hyderabad, India began in the year 1997, when our Pastor and his wife resigned their jobs and moved their location as a family to Hyderabad in obedience to God’s call in their lives. Ever since then the ministry has grown manifold and caters to the various needs of the people all over our country.

Our Ministries include
* Church Planting
* Children’s Ministry
* Literature Ministry
* Orphanage & Old Aged Home Ministry
* Sister’s Fellowship (Chain Prayer Ministry)
* Christian Counselling

We invite you to our Sunday Worship services if you are in Hyderabad, India and also to join us for any of our outreach activities.If you would like to partner with us you could contact us either through email or telephone from our contact us page.

We look forward to serving each one of you as we serve the Lord and in being a blessing to you in your spiritual life.